Pickup & Drop Off Instructions


This arrival procedure has proven to be a beneficial and safe procedure for all. If you choose to park in spaces, you must remain in that space until the end of express drop-off. Please do not try to break into express drop-off line – it will delay traffic flow.

The express drop-off starts at STOP sign on Landseer Terrace. All children must exit from the driver’s side of the vehicle for safety reasons. Children are then able to walk along the fence to the lineup area.

We are continuing to work on the best possible procedure for the safety of your children and ask for your cooperation in following this diagram.


All cars will come into the schoolyard and park in rows facing the Convent.

Cars will park bumper to bumper in straight rows. When all children have been picked up and returned to their cars, the cars will be dismissed one row at a time. We hope to accommodate more cars in this manner and eliminate the backup onto Landseer Street.

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