St. Theresa of Avila School is rooted in the Catholic tradition and serves students of diverse populations. As a member of the system of Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Boston, St. Theresa School fosters the practice of tolerance, social justice and charity for all within the framework of traditional Catholic values. To further these practices, the school community pledges to preserve a peaceful atmosphere. This leads to a caring and respectful school community that both promotes and protects the dignity and self-worth of each child.

Our professional educators and staff provide a robust spiritual, academic, and extracurricular environment. As such we are dedicated to imparting knowledge, values and introspection. The primary goal for our students is to strive for both academic excellence and positive social skills within this faith filled environment. We are committed to teaching our students through various pedagogical methods and strategies. These challenge our students to develop a thirst for knowledge, develop critical thinking skills and to acquire an inquisitive nature for future studies and endeavors.

St. Theresa School recognizes that the student, now more than ever before, is a citizen of the world. Our students receive the personal attention, outstanding education and spiritual guidance to contribute to, survive in, and grow in the new global neighborhood.