The Learning Center is available to students in Grades K1 through 6. It is designed to provide extra support academically to those students that need it, as well as service students on Individualized Education Programs who require accommodations and differentiated instruction. Students are seen in small groups or on a one-to-one basis, depending on their needs. The Learning Center is a quiet environment where students can take tests as well.

English/ Language Arts

The supports given for English/Language Arts will vary according to the student’s grade level and needs. For younger students, letter identification, letter sounds, phonological awareness, decoding skills, and sight words are the focus. For older students, vocabulary, writing skills, and higher-level critical thinking skills such as inference, main idea, and summarization are addressed.


The Learning Center teacher follows each grade math curriculum and provides reinforcement as needed. Students will receive individualized instruction based on their needs. Topics such as number operations, geometry, fractions and decimals, and algebra are covered according to grade level and the ability of the student.

Wilson Reading System

The Wilson Reading System is a rules-based approach to reading that focuses on the decoding and encoding of words. Students with this intervention will move at their own pace through the program, working to master skills before moving on to the next level. The tools learned throughout the program are ones that students can apply to their general classroom work.

Social Studies

Students that attend the Learning Center for social studies will follow their classroom curriculum. The time is used for review, discussion, questions, and to solidify vocabulary and concepts taught in the classroom.

Any other subject area that is needed by a student can be added at any time.