The religion curriculum encourages children to build a strong relationship with God. Through various learning experiences and activities, the children understand how they can grow to know, love and serve their Creator. Children learn to love and live their faith, build their Catholic identity and deepen their awareness of their responsibility to serve and respect others. Virtues are reinforced and celebrated school wide. The series used to implement this curriculum is RCL Benziger  Blest Are We.

English/ Language Arts

The kindergarten English/Language Arts curriculum introduces the building blocks of literacy and appreciation for reading and writing.  Through various reading experiences, students develop concepts about print, word recognition, phonemic /phonological awareness, oral fluency and comprehension skills.  The children engage in writing activities for multiple audiences and purposes in order to help the children acquire effective oral and written communication skills. The series used to implement this curriculum is Scott Foresman Reading Street supplemented with Kindergarten Phonics and authentic literature.


The kindergarten mathematics curriculum enables the children to discover and understand mathematical concepts using a hands-on approach. This includes number recognition, counting, introducing addition and subtraction as well as mathematical vocabulary and concepts. Once explored, each concept is applied to the students’ everyday lives.  The Pearson Envision Mathematics Common Core is used and builds the foundation for proficiency in subsequent grades.  


The science curriculum helps students develop an understanding that changes occur all around us.  Students are introduced to various concepts, dealing with life science, physical science, earth science, and the human body.  There is a strong concentration on weather, the seasons, the five senses, and life cycles of the butterflies and plants.   Concepts are explored through hands on experiences, small group activities, class discussions, educational videos and individual project. The series used to support this curriculum is Scholastic News.  

Social Studies

The social studies curriculum encourages the development of civic identities by exploring how we live, learn and work together.  The curriculum is built on children’s experiences in their families, school, community, state, country and world.  Through stories, songs and videos, children learn about important people and events, local and national holidays and the reason for these celebrations.  Additionally, children become familiar with national symbols.  The social studies curriculum connects to our kindergarten ELA, math and religion curricula. The series used are Scott Foresman Social Studies and Scholastic News.

The kindergarten curriculum adheres to the Common Core Standards and Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.