St. Theresa School offers a developmental and social program for three year old students. The curriculum is engaging, developmentally appropriate and fosters growth in each child. The curricula incorporate the Massachusetts standards for pre-kindergarten which are promoted through daily activities of play and exploration.


The focus of K0’s religion program is to develop awareness of God and His love in the lives of the children.  We begin our day with Morning Prayer and also pray before meal times.  Children learn the Sign of the Cross, Hail Mary and a Thank You Prayer for meal time.  Teachers use Stories of God’s Love by RCL Benzinger, a program which illustrates God’s presence and care for us.  

English/Language Arts

The goal of the English/Language Arts program is to build the language and communication skills of students so they can successfully interact in an appropriate way with their peers and adults.  Children develop a love of and excitement for books during daily read-aloud activities.   The children develop emergent writing skills beginning with making purposeful marks and coloring, leading to letter formation and writing their names.


The K0 math program introduces numbers, shapes, sorting, patterning, counting, and measurement.  In this program, children practice initial math skills by using various manipulatives through guided play activities.  This awareness sets a developmental foundation for future mathematical concepts in subsequent grades.


Science in K0 encourages students to learn through their natural environment. Young children are curious learners and enjoy observing the natural parts of the world surrounding them. This includes discussing weather during meeting time, animals and their habitats, life cycles of insects, shadows, and the movement of wind.

Social Studies

Developing a positive and enthusiastic awareness and attitude toward family, school and the community is a focus of social studies. Activities, games and role playing promote the development of self-esteem, self-confidence, and personal responsibility.  Through daily routines, children develop qualities of patience, respect, fairness, kindness, courtesy, and helpfulness.