Grade Two


Religion in grade two is a very important program study for faith formation. The curriculum helps students discover God’s forgiveness. The children receive the sacrament of Reconciliation and the sacrament of the Eucharist during their second grade year. Students will also read stories from the scripture, learn the importance of Christ, prayer, and will grow to understand God’s call to serve and love others. The religion curriculum is guided through RCL Benizger’s Blest Are We.

English/Language Arts

The second grade English/ Language Arts curriculum reinforces the reading, writing and listening skills learned in first grade. Through daily practice and application students develop their building, blending, and decoding of word families, letter sounds, and various spelling patterns. The students are guided through the writing process which includes grammar, mechanics, organization of ideas, sentence and paragraph structure, and the editing process. The students also develop their writing skills by learning how to write personal narratives, opinion pieces, friendly letters, informational texts and poems. The students read many fiction texts and develop reading skills including identifying the main idea, summarizing, cause-and-effect, sequencing, and questioning. The students also read nonfiction texts and develop strategies using text features to locate information. In second grade, the students transition from manuscript print to cursive handwriting through daily practice. The curriculum is implemented through Scott Foresman Reading Street and supplemented with literature of different genres.


The second grade math curriculum enables the students to develop a strong mathematical foundation. Daily instruction involves hands-on guided practice, independent practice, and cooperative math games involving math manipulatives.  Math topics include:  numbers and operations, measurement, problem solving, reasoning, place value, data analysis, time and money, and geometry. The Envision Mathematics Common Core text is used for the mathematics curriculum.  


The science curriculum allows students to learn through hands on experiences. Science topics are aligned with the Massachusetts Common Core Curriculum Frameworks. The curriculum used to implement science in second grade is Scott Foresman Science. Students use their speaking, reading, and writing skills that are developed in second grade to learn about Earth and space sciences, life sciences, physical science, as well as technology and engineering. Additionally, the curriculum is supported by weekly Scholastic Science Spin articles.

Social Studies

In grade two social studies, students learn about the people and places in the world in which they live. The students study the following themes: where we live, our Earth, working together, our country today, our country long ago, and people and places in history. The series used is Scott Foresman Social Studies: People and Places. Additionally, students will also participate in activities and projects connected to their community and beyond. The social studies curriculum is also supplemented by weekly Scholastic News articles

The second grade curriculum adheres to the Common Core Standards and Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.