The purpose of the St. Theresa’s art program is to educate, instruct, and provide an expressive outlet for the students.  St. Theresa’s school provides students with a strong self-esteem, pride in accomplishments, and an understanding of the differences and similarities in the world around them.  By the time the students graduate , they will have explored their creativity and imagination, their world and beliefs, and the lives of other individuals. By doing so, the students will gain a better understanding of themselves and others through their artwork.

The program challenges students to be aware of themselves and their world. Art gives students the knowledge of expression and an outlet for their visions and views.  The program nurtures and supports students and guides them towards being confident, intelligent and compassionate individuals.  

The students create a wide range of projects.  These are drawn from holidays, Holy Days, culture and society, grade level curriculum and the basic needs of the students.  Art history is interwoven to assist in the instruction and to help the students build a solid foundation in the arts.  

The students are given the opportunity in all grade levels to explore multiple mediums.  The students are able to explore and create using paint, clay, plaster, textiles and many other materials.  By doing so, they are able to develop a well rounded art education and explore the many kinds of art that are all around us.